Gaya Patal in Cum Eating Cuckolds

2011-05-26 08:07:45
Categories: Cum Eating Cuckolds
Tags: Gaya Patal, cheating wife, cum eating, cuckold, forced bisexual
Description: The last thing Gaya was thinking of when she climbed up on top of her lover's cock was her husband. Sure, he was handy to have around, especially when it came to the bills and buying pretty new outfits for her, but beyond that there really wasn't much consideration given to the man she once loved more than life itself. The romance had been gone for so long that it had all seemed like a dream. Imagine her surprise then, as she enjoyed the stiff willy tickling her cervix, when she saw her husband walk in with flowers and chocolates. Her cold heart melted for a moment, and she pondered giving up her lusty ways. But when she saw the thin line of drool slip out of her husband's mouth as he watched her bounce up and down, she realized that she could have her cock and eat it, too


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